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  • Employee Benefits Insurance:

    Many companies provide employee benefits as part of running a business. These companies can be legally liable for improper advice, error, or omission in the administration of an employee benefits program. A employee benefits endorsement provides coverage for any damage a customer becomes legally liable for in the administration of an employee benefits program.

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance:

    All companies face personnel issues no matter how many employees they have. This product is designed to cover actual or alleged wrongful discharge, sexual harassment and discrimination. Covers employees, supervisors, directors and officers.

  • Liquor Liability Insurance:

    Businesses that sell and serve alcoholic beverages face potentially serious liability exposures. Liquor liability insurance is designed specifically for companies with liability risk exposure under the state liquor liability or “dram shop” laws.

  • Product Recall Expense Insurance:

    Businesses with general liability and products liability exposure–such as retailers, manufacturers, and food processors–can incur expenses if a product is recalled because it’s defective. General liability endorsements cover expenses incurred in withdrawing or recalling a product including communication expense, overtime compensation, and product disposal costs.

  • Owners and Contractors Protective Liability Insurance:

    Successfully managing a major construction project requires the project manager to follow strict scheduling and budget guidelines. Owners and contractors protective policies save money and offers protection. We understand that each construction job is different and will tailor a program to fit the unique needs of each contractor.