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  • Contractors Equipment Insurance:

    Companies that require mobile equipment to run their businesses face unique risks. A loss to their equipment, such as a contractor’s back hoe, can shut down their business. Contractor’s equipment insurance provides coverage for mobile equipment and machinery.

  • Electronic Systems Insurance:

    Most companies depend on electronic information systems to keep their operations running efficiently. Unfortunately, traditional property insurance policies do not always address the potential losses associated with electronic equipment. Our companies understand the importance of information processing and the impact that system downtime can have on your business operations. Comprehensive electronic systems coverage provides direct property damage coverage for electronic information systems and data processing equipment, data, and media.

  • Motor Cargo Insurance:

    Trucking companies need to protect against damages or shortages to the cargo they haul. A program can be designed with separate limits for each vehicle, terminal, or occurrence.

  • Warehouse Operators Legal Liability:

    Companies which are storing goods for others need to protect against the exposures created by virtue of their bailee relationship when those goods of others are damaged or stolen.