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  • Commercial Automobile Insurance:

    Commercial automobile insurance covers both liability and physical damage exposures. We provide programs with a wide range of primary and excess limits and offer a variety of deductible options.

  • Garage Insurance:

    Companies engaged in selling, servicing, repairing, or storing vehicles face some unique liability exposures. These types of businesses are unique because their automobile liability and general liability exposures and coverage needs tend to overlap. Along with providing commercial automobile coverage, the garage policy includes liability coverage for a company’s premises and operations, products or services, or vehicles in its care, custody, or control.

  • Truckers Insurance:

    If a company is in the business of transporting goods, materials, or commodities for others, then the trucker’s policy could best cover its exposures. This policy provides the flexibility truckers need by expanding the definition of the named insured. The policy provides liability, physical damage, and trailer interchange coverage.